Create a Super Message

You can create a "library" of Super Messages for EACH of your registered businesses.  When your Support Staff goes to send a Super Message from a GeoHelp Community or a Promotion Campaign, they will see a drop down list with all of the Super Messages that you create here.  This allows you to send customers the most appropriate message or reward that fits their needs and interests. 

  Message From If not listed go to My Businesses | Add a Business
* Image Name
Used for administration reference
not used
Images MUST be 600 x 330h pixels (PNG or GIF or JPG)
  Message type This helps people sort their messages.
  Start Date
not used This defaults to todays date.
  Expire Date
not used IMPORTANT - Dates should match for single events!
  Header color
  Archive email
  Subject Shown in emails only
  Headline text max = 118 characters
  Message Details max = 1024 characters
  YouTube Video
not used