Super Messages Explained

A Super Message is a next-generation multi-media messaging concept.  You only need to select a pre-made message from a drop-down menu, or fill out a simple text entry blank, and you immediately deliver a MULTI-MEDIA message with over 25 pieces of engagement information.  The speed of creation and delivery is less than 1 minute.  This allows you to answer customer questions in the GeoHelp community and immediately send a reward that fits the needs and preferences of an individual customer.

Messages are automatically sent via text emails, PDF attachments, SMS text messages, and dynamic mobile web sites depending on customer preference settings. The content automatically includes large images, Youtube videos, unique QR codes & linear barcodes for every recipient, 2du's in-store redemption system, Google maps, links to social websites, loyalty points, and more.

Super Messages can be used for MANY purposes.  Coupons, tickets, in-store discounts, press releases, newsletters, event announcements, customer support answers, new product introductions, business introductions, and more.   The GeoHelp by 2DU iphone application offers a feature where a Super Message can be sent to a customer automatically when the customer is physically close to your facility.

A Super Message example can be viewed here or here.